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Who is K Madhukar Shetty?

You are all around hearing about the demise of an IPS officer K MadhukarShetty, but who he really is??

Mr K MadhukarShettywas an IPS officer 0f 1999 batch of Karnatakan cadree and was a student of sociology in JawaharlalNehru University.

He was battling for life in a private hospital in Hyderabad with cardiac complications and the demise news came in the evening hours of Friday. Son of prominent journalist vaddarseRaghuramShetty.

Shettyhad a major role in Karnatakalokayukta's inquiry of Bellary illegal mining scam.

As an SP in Chikmagalur, He has earned laurels in the investigation to clear government landencroachment with then, DC, Harsh Gupta, the cleared land where thengiven to the dalits who named the settlement as GuptaShettyHalli.

Shettyalso holds a PhD degree in public administration.

He was also promoted to the DIG rank and worked in a police recruitment wing.

He tirelessly worked for the government and gave his best to serve the country. And we are proud to get an officer like M…

Revenge stories of Indians you will hear around social media

1. The turban man of UK

No one can match the brilliance of Sardars, a story were once a Sikh billionaire (Reuben Singh) was mocked for wearing a turban by an Englishman calling it as a bandage.

A bet was thrown between the both for charity and the betwasMr Singh could not match his colour of the turban with his cars for seven days.

Mr Singhtook the challenge with style and went of to match his turban colour with his rolls royce and won the bet in style.

2. The Dalit man.

weknow that for thousands of years the lower class or the Dalits have faced severe criticism and even in today's date the are still are not considered equal although it can be seen mere less in urban areas but untouchability Is a harsh reality in rural areas.

In a case where a woman belonging to Dalit community was denied water from the well as the well belonged to the upper caste.

Her husband took the matter in his own hands dug up a private well for his women this was a tight slap to the upper-class people who still be…

Hindi shayari

1. Hum dosti todna nahi jante, Zakhm kisko dena nahi jante hame bhulane ki kosish na karna a dost, kyonki hum dosto ke bina jeena nahi janate.

2. Anjano main bhi dost mila karte, kanto me bhi phool khila karte hain, hame kante samajkar bhul na jana kyon ki, kante hi phool ki hifazat karte hai.

3. Royegi aankho ke muskarane ke bad, aayegi rat din dhal jane ke baad, ae dost kabhi ruthanana tu mhujhase shayed ye zindagi na rahe tere ruth jane ke baad.

4. Dosti karna itna aasan nahi hota, dost bina rehena itna asan nahi hota, jo koi dost ek bar dil ko chujaye to use koi bhulana itna aasaan nahi hota.

5. Baarish ko sirf rona aata hai hasna nahi, suraj ko sirf jalna aata hai bhujana nahi, aur mujhe sirf tumhe yaad karna hai bhulana nahi.

6. Rishto ki duniya hai nirali, sab risto se pyari dosti hamare manjur hai ansu bhi ankho main hamare agar aa jaye muskaan hotoon pe tumhari.

7. Dil se dillagi hum kiya nahi karte woh toh aapke mobile number pasand aa gaya warna itna sms hum kisi ko kiya n…

Why using of sanitary pad is still considered taboo in India

In my previous blog motherhood is a gift you would have read about the health of a woman during pregnancy and how should she have to take care of her child.

Not only during pregnancy, a womanundergoes several changes including body changes from the age of 10-13 to reach a menopause stage at the age of 45-50 years.

1. Hormonal imbalance affects on body morphology.

2. Every girlhas her own schedule of preparing for her first period.

Many women does not have any much issues with menstruation, but some women experience symptoms before menstruation called as Premenstrual syndrome(PMS).

Symptoms of PMS are.

1. Change in sleeping pattern

2. Bloating (a build of gas in the stomach and intestine)

3. Mood swings


India has a population of 125 crores with womenaged from 10 to 45 yearscomprises about 32 crore of which 82% of women does notuse the sanitary pad or do not have access to it.

Due to which many womenlose their lives by deadly disease.

Sayings of life |

Life has challenged all of them at any point of time, but we should be brave enough to face it.
As in cricket every ball is not same.
In life different balls are bowled by life we have to either duck it or leave it or hit it for a sixer because at that point the ball or life is in your hand you can mould it any way you want. Here are some points about how my friend has seen his life.
1. “Life just means” Expect whatever you want, And accept whatever we get.
2. Toughest thing to do ……, Leaving your parents and living.
3. Just finding, am I enjoying the life, or am I just living it…..
4. “love when Alive and don’t say by……… because one day you will cry for saying by when they die”
5. Sometimes starts are the best and ends are very bad ……. But remember you are lucky to at least have a good start…….. Some of them are dead within … and I am happy that I had a good start … and the end was……..
6. Sometimes I stop loving you, not because I want to know, that I still want my love……
7. People …

Telangana Polls

Telangana Polls
Amit shah(BJP President) in a recent rally at Narayanpet in Telanganaaddressing the rallymade some misleading allegation against Telangana congress manifesto.The polls will be held on 7th December and counting of votes will start from 11 December.

Hereare some of the claims which were misleading.

1. "Hospitals only for minority"While addressing the rally Shahpointed the allegation on congress manifesto stating,

Friends, "They (congress)say about onlybuildhospitals for minority and I want to askRahul Gandhi that dopoor people does not require the hospital".

In the manifesto no such thing as hospital only for minority is not included thus were the only false allegation.

2. Free electricity to only mosques and churches
Making another clam he said
Friends, This congress party says Telangana Government will pay for the electricity bill for only mosques and church . We do not have any question but why not pay for temple.
   In the 33 rd point says that free …

Motherhood is a gift

Maternal malnutrition and pregnancy outcome.

Malnutritionis a condition that results from eating a diet in which one or more nutrients are either not enough or are to much such that the dietcauseshealth problems.

1.It may involve calories, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals.

2.Not enough nutrients as undernutrition or undernourishment while too much is called over nutrition.
Maternal malnutrition
1.Maternal malnutrition increases the risk of poor pregnancy outcomes including obstructed labour premature or low birth weight babies and postpartum hemorrhagic.

2.Low birth weight is a significant contributor to infant mortality.


1.The term "maternal nutrition" focusesattention on women as mothers, on there nutritional status as it relates to the bearing and nurturing of children.

2.Women play a vital role in their families, communities, and societies.

3.The poor nutritional status of many women in the world today compromises there capacity to meet the vigorous dema…