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Hi, dear readers if you think iam offending someone I am sorry, human being is a creature made up of flesh, bones etc... from centuries or our ancestors are said to be hunters and gatherers, they used to hunt and eat and some got taste in flesh and some in plants, it's all depend upon taste. If u think god made us and he said not to eat flesh then why did he gave us flesh tearing teeth's? and such a strong digestion process? I think in grants (holy books) its written when and why to eat the things and not specifically u should or should not.. i think as our human psychology is if u kill a living being some reactions are produced in mind like "o my god it is moving..! u r scared .. if it make sound of pain.. u get to know and u get tears of guilty/sympathy towards that things" if no blood not sound u don't react if a tree is cut down no one asks for it because it cannot show his feelings emotions. that's why god given some plants a power to defend them. even a…