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Motherhood is a gift

Maternal malnutrition and pregnancy outcome.

Malnutritionis a condition that results from eating a diet in which one or more nutrients are either not enough or are to much such that the dietcauseshealth problems.

1.It may involve calories, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals.

2.Not enough nutrients as undernutrition or undernourishment while too much is called over nutrition.
Maternal malnutrition
1.Maternal malnutrition increases the risk of poor pregnancy outcomes including obstructed labour premature or low birth weight babies and postpartum hemorrhagic.

2.Low birth weight is a significant contributor to infant mortality.


1.The term "maternal nutrition" focusesattention on women as mothers, on there nutritional status as it relates to the bearing and nurturing of children.

2.Women play a vital role in their families, communities, and societies.

3.The poor nutritional status of many women in the world today compromises there capacity to meet the vigorous dema…

Our Unity

The image of India in the international platform is very huge either by population or the land area.But when considered by nature or the type of environment, people have adopted to various changes that happens around them and even they get used to it.the aravalli region, the western coast, the south part covered with oceans, and tropical rainforest in the east also the region around vast rivers like Ganges, Yamuna are very different in nature and very fewer similarities are drawn from this regions. Since due to region differences between the people is present the type of living the life has a huge impact. And is always different from one region to another. Although these difference are present but India emerges as one nation. We can't ignore the fact that during Chandragupta or Asoka and under other rulers like Mughals they tried to make India to come under one rule and they have marginally achieved of doing so. Our type of unity is a vision to the world Coming to the literature par…



1.Section of Indian penal code.

2.Introduced in the year 1864 under British rule.

3.Based on buggery act of 1533.

- it is used to criminalize sexual activities against the order of nature.

4. The moment to repel section 377 was initiated by AIDS BhedbhavvirodhiAndolan in 1991.

5. 6th September 2018 the supreme court of India ruled that the application of section 377 to consensual homosexual sex between adults unconstitutional.

6.Section 377 remains in forcerelating to sex with minors, no consensualsexual acts and bestiality.

Unnatural offences: SECTION 377[1]

Section 377 providespunishment for what is known as bestialility, buggery, lesbianism and sodomy. These offencesconsist in having a carnelintercourse against the order of nature by a man with a man or in the sameunnaturalmanner with a woman, or by a man or women in any manner with a beast.

⦁ Buggery

-etymology-bugger(also-bowgard, bouguer)

-derived– French word bougre

-based on Latin word bulgarus or bulgarian[2]

Itis t…

Popular Politicians With There Cars

1.Mamata Banerjii

She is an Indian politician serving as a 8th current CM of West Bengal. she belongs to Trinamool congress and for many years she owns a Maruti 800 which she bought long back.
car: Maruti 800 - Approx 8 lakhs

2.Rahul Gandhi

He is well known face of Indian politics previously he was a secretary to Indian national congress but presently he is a president of INC.
cars: Toyota Land Cruiser - 93 lakhs
          Tata Safari - 15 lakhs
          Lexus LX - 2.4 crore
          Mahindra Scorpio - 10 to 16 lakhs
          Range Rover 50 to 60 lakhs

3.Amit Shah

He is a president of bharatiya janata party and also a rajya sabha member before which he was elected as MLA in Sarkhej for four consecutive times.
cars: Mercedes Benz - 60 to 80 lakhs
         Ford - 30 lakhs

4.Arvind Kejriwal

Before being a politician he was an IIT graduate. few years back his wagon r was stolen and found in ghaziabad 2 days after.
and now he owns a innova priced between 14 to 16 lakhs other than that he d…


"yes you are murdering someone"

Hi Readers,
This post is not about to say you to quit smoking but only about how it affects your life and yes also do not forget passive smokers. Our earth has a population of about 7 billion people and you would get shocked that about  1 billion people smoke cigarettes worldwide. On an average a person spends about 7 minutes for smoking a single cigarette considering on an average if a person smokes 3 cigarettes daily that would make 7minutes x 3cigarettes = 21minutes a day and for a month is 21minutes x 30 days = 630 minutes a month and for a year it will be 630minutes x 12 months = 7560minutes that is it you have lost 6 days of your life in a year and remember this calculation are only for a person who smokes 3 cigarettes.
Many countries have banned the sale of cigarette like Bhutan, Albania, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Columbia and Denmark. and many countries have banned smoking cigarettes on the street and public places, and if violated there a…

Momordica cymbalaria as a common herb or important life saving method


       you may not be with familiar momordica cymbalaria  with this scientic name but you must be knowing there native names in india of momordica cymbalaria. In places of karnataka state momordica cymbalaria are called as karchikai, In the places of andhra pradesh they are called as kasarakaya and in tamil nadu they are known as athalakai and this is the most anciant Indian herb which were used for various treatments and medicical use and for the use to treat diabetes. Also included in diabetic diets. Though momordica cymbalaria herbs are only limited to certain place like madhya pradesh, karnataka, tamil nadu and andhra pradesh are site specific and are normally known as wild vegitable and is creeper or vines  by nature.
Momordica Cymbalaria is bitter in taste.

Medicnall value:

1. Treatment of gout,rheautism, spleen and liver disease.
2. Fruit juice and leaf tea - cure of diabetes, malaria, colic, sores and wound infection , worms and parasite, measels, hepatitis …

An eye a body part or a healthy visual system

What is an eye?
These are the organs of the visual system they provide an organism with vision and the ability to receive and process details. India’s total population is 1.25 billion out of which 15 million people are visually impaired and 75% of these cases are avoidable if proper medical care is given, but people in India are merely worried about their eye health.
World sight day (WSD) is observed on the second Thursday of October as a global event meant to draw attention on blindness and vision impairment. According to the survey in the year 2015 the total population of visually impaired stands at whopping 37 million which contributes and India being first in world blindness index

Following are some of the causes for blindness
Visual impairment Refractive errors


Age related macular degeneration

There are some of the tips for healthy eyes

1. Smoking kills ( yes its true);
Smoking makes you more likely develop cataract, damage to your opti…