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An eye a body part or a healthy visual system

What is an eye?
These are the organs of the visual system they provide an organism with vision and the ability to receive and process details. India’s total population is 1.25 billion out of which 15 million people are visually impaired and 75% of these cases are avoidable if proper medical care is given, but people in India are merely worried about their eye health.
World sight day (WSD) is observed on the second Thursday of October as a global event meant to draw attention on blindness and vision impairment. According to the survey in the year 2015 the total population of visually impaired stands at whopping 37 million which contributes and India being first in world blindness index

Following are some of the causes for blindness

Visual impairment

Refractive errors


Age related macular degeneration

There are some of the tips for healthy eyes

1. Smoking kills ( yes its true);
Smoking makes you more likely develop cataract, damage to your optic nerve and macular degeneration
2. Healthy diet;
Nutrients like omega 3 fatty acid, lutein, zinc and vitamin C and E can reduce age related vision problems (macular degeneration and cataracts).
3. Spending 2 to 4 hours continuously on computer or on Smartphone can cause eyestrain and blurred vision and some of the symptoms can arise at the old age.
4. Regular Visit to an eye doctor because prior and early examination plays a vital role.

Facts about eyes 

1. Human beings see with their brain, not with their eyes. Eyes function like camera capturing light        and sending data back to the brain.
2. Eyes are made up of 200 million working parts.
3. Women eyesight may get affected during pregnancy.
4. Fingerprint has 40 unique characteristics whereas iris has 256.
5. Tears help our eyes from getting infection.


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