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Our Unity

The image of India in the international platform is very huge either by population or the land area.But when considered by nature or the type of environment, people have adopted to various changes that happens around them and even they get used to it.the aravalli region, the western coast, the south part covered with oceans, and tropical rainforest in the east also the region around vast rivers like Ganges, Yamuna are very different in nature and very fewer similarities are drawn from this regions. Since due to region differences between the people is present the type of living the life has a huge impact. And is always different from one region to another.
Although these difference are present but India emerges as one nation.
We can't ignore the fact that during Chandragupta or Asoka and under other rulers like Mughals they tried to make India to come under one rule and they have marginally achieved of doing so.
Our type of unity is a vision to the world
Coming to the literature part, our history has seen various versions of single book and they have come from various part of countries but they are same they all close to a single point and encourages brotherhood and humanity and at last the love for the nation.
Our country is not known for any prime single language but known for many languages. Majorly indian constitution has 15 languages but these 15 languages in turn have many sub-languages which are also part of our constitution. And behalf all this language differences we are united as one which emphasize our love to this country. 
The epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana were written in different parts of our country but the meaning of the context remains the same.
The poet's are changing but there thoughts towards one nation remains the same.
Our constitution has provided the right to its citizens to accept, follow,love any religion, caste, language. And he cannot be barred from it. And any one cannot force them to follow any religion or language.
Since time immemorial rivers, mountains have been a important factor due to these the connection between two society were barred but due to advent of technology and innovation the smooth contact of any societies can happen either by road ways, waterways, or the Airways. which play a vital role in country's unity.
And also the credit goes to the government who has worked day and night for the betterment of the society.

Kiran Kumar S Hirinayak


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