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Sayings of life |

Life has challenged all of them at any point of time, but we should be brave enough to face it.

As in cricket every ball is not same.

In life different balls are bowled by life we have to either duck it or leave it or hit it for a sixer because at that point the ball or life is in your hand you can mould it any way you want.
Here are some points about how my friend has seen his life.  

1. “Life just means”
Expect whatever you want,
 And accept whatever we get.

2. Toughest thing to do ……,
Leaving your parents and living.

3. Just finding, am I enjoying the life, or am I just living it…..

4. “love when Alive and don’t say by……… because one day you will cry for saying by when they die”

5. Sometimes starts are the best and ends are very bad ……. But remember you are lucky to at least have a good start…….. Some of them are dead within … and I am happy that I had a good start … and the end was……..

6. Sometimes I stop loving you, not because I want to know, that I still want my love……

7. People generally think, what they get are what they wish ….. But they get what they deserve … so stop wishing …. Try and become deserving.

8. The time at least came in my life….. I have been with my family for more than 20 years …. And now … just to earn money I have to leave them and go somewhere else….. I just asked myself is this what life is……
My dad who made me strong …. One who was bold … and strict…. Also had tears in his eyes…. My mom who taught me what is sacrifice …. What is life who wiped my tears also cried…. My family who always made me laugh was crying .. I just asked myself is this what is called life…..
Right now as well …. My eyes full of tears….I don’t know whether are tears of happiness that iam going to be independent or tears of sadness of leaving my life…. Is this what really life is all about……..
Till now they took care of me…. Now it’s my time… to give them a lot of love … and try to give them all they wanted and didn’t get …… just have to take care of them as my children and being able to do so…. I have to go somewhere else and earn…. “This is what life is all about I guess”

9. Life is nothing but a cup of tea……. In which life is tea and cup is nothing but you and me…. We are treated equally with the freshness of the tea ….. Then why you find a difference of cup between you and me.

Author: Vivek S Patwardhan


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