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Revenge stories of Indians you will hear around social media

1. The turban man of UK

No one can match the brilliance of Sardars, a story were once a Sikh billionaire (Reuben Singh) was mocked for wearing a turban by an Englishman calling it as a bandage.

bet was thrown between the both for charity and the bet was Mr Singh could not match his colour of the turban with his cars for seven days.

Mr Singh took the challenge with style and went of to match his turban colour with his rolls royce and won the bet in style.

2. The Dalit man.

we know that for thousands of years the lower class or the Dalits have faced severe criticism and even in today's date the are still are not considered equal although it can be seen mere less in urban areas but untouchability Is a harsh reality in rural areas.

In a case where a woman belonging to Dalit community was denied water from the well as the well belonged to the upper caste.

Her husband took the matter in his own hands dug up a private well for his women this was a tight slap to the upper-class people who still believe in untouchability.

who does not know the iconic role of Dashrat Manjhi in the movie "Manjhi: the mountain man" when Dashrat Manjhi lost his wife due to inaccessibility of healthcare and lost all his faith on the government to construct a road between the mountains Dhasrat Manjhi single handedly broke the mountain and made the path, reducing the distance to less than a km which took a time of 22 years and in the year of 2011 the road was metaled.

4. The Maharaja of Alwar

when casually walking on the streets of London the Maharaja noticed a showroom of rolls royce and decided to have a look at the car and its features but after seeing the Indian in casual dress the staff rudely show the Maharaja out the door but after few hours the Maharaja once again showed up but this time in full royal uniform and jewelries. Trying all the cars, he brought them with full payment and delivery cost, and in India he gave them to New Delhi municipality for the collection of garbage. Due to which the best selling car was used for the collection of garbage the reputation was major issue for the company, the rolls royce then wrote an apology letter to the Maharaja to not to use the car for garbage and also rolls royce gifted another six cars as a token of the gift.


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