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Yes, Unemployment is now a national issue

Yes, Unemployment is now a national issue

Yes guys the employment stats are out and now I think frying pakorasis the only solution to the unemployment issue, Yes the Indian unemployment rate hit a 45-year-high in 2017/18.

Though the report was to be released in December, as reported by business standard is a center of controversy after two national statistical commission members, including the acting chairmen, resigned on Monday, alleging that the government had withheld its release despite the NSC’s approval.

The report is not yet made public yet.

1. Sourced from the NSSO (National sample survey office), by PLFS(periodic labour force survey) showed that the unemployment rate had hit a 45-year high, higher than the 1972-73 data. According to the survey by the NSSOthe unemployment rate in the year 2012-13 was at 2.2%.

Over 11million jobs were lost last year, and demonetization being one of the issue the unemployment in both rural and urban ares.

2. The NSSO report also shows that the unemplo…

Are EVM hackable??

The event that held in London called as EVM hackathon has just shocked not only the Indian population but also the world, by the claims of a Hyderabad based techie who is presently in an asylum in USA. 

The claims made by the techie are really serious as it raises the questions on India’s democracy of free and fair elections and raised question on the election commission of India. Speaking on a live conference over Skype, Syed Shuja claimed that how the 2014 elections were compromised and the now ruling party was involved in the scam. Syed Shuja in the live session had laid all the series of events that occurred months before the 2014 general election.
Although the claims cannot be held true because of lack of concrete evidence but neither we can deny the clams until a probe be initiated to look into the matter. As stated above he claimed that the ruling party has won the election by tampering or hacking the EVM’s at low frequencies.

These are direct serious allegation. BJP come with a s…

Hindi shayari for friends

1. Har nazar ko ek nazar ki zaroorat hain, har chere me kuch to khas hai, aapse pyar yunhi nahi kar baithye, kya kare humari pasand hi kuch khaas hai.

2. Nishane pe jo lag jaye use kehte hain teer, dil main jo uttar jaye use kehete hain tasvir, aap jese dost ka saaath mil jaye usse kehete hain taqdeer.

3. Aaj khuda ne fir pucha tera hasta hua chera udas kyo hain? Tere aankhon main pyas kyo hain? Jinke paas tere liye waqt nahi hai, woh tere leye khas kyo hain?

4. Na mile kisi ka sath to yaad hamain karna, tanhai ho to mehsus hame karna, chahe khushya batne ko dost hazar rakhana magar gum bantana ho to yaad hame karna.

5. Dil ki aavazo ko intezar kehete hain, zuki neeghaoo ko ikrar kehete hain, sirf jatane ka naam ishq nahi, kisiki yaad me jeene ko bhi pyaar kehete hain.

6. Hum nazaroo se dur hain, aankho se nahi.
Hum khwabo se dur hain, khayalo sain nahi.
Hum dil sain dur hain, dhadkan sain nahi.
Hum aapse dur hain, aapke yaado se nahi.

7. Kashti beheti hain kinaro ki talash main
Log …

literacy rate since British left India

literacy rate since British left India
When  Britishers left India the literacy rate was down to 12%, the economy was down to 1.1% due to less industrialization and lower Per Capita income, the mortality rate was down to 32 years, and the population was  400 million. One of the reason was India had seen some serious famine worst in the British era (approx 31 famine in 120 years) which had a deep impact on Indian population which affects its related factors.
Here is the comparison of literacy rate of 2001 and 2011 census  by the Indian government .
The 2001 and 2011 census on literacy                                                              

                                   The comparison between 2001 and 2011 is as shown above.

The best performing states and UT where Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar islands, Delhi, Mizoram and Chandigarh in 2011.
and the state with lowest literacy rate where Bihar, Arunachala Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh in 2011.

 The percentage i…

India's GDP growth from 2004 | economics

GDPgrowth for every 5 years from fiscal year 2004-05
Every government have tried there best for the uplifting of the social life of common man. But also there where huge back set of scams being encountered like coal scam, Commonwealth (CWG scam), 2G, and more to say. Some say that scams are the root cause to hinder the countries economy. Not only India but every country is trying there best to reach the number one position in the world ranking. India being a third world country has much more opportunity then the first and second world countries. Our country has seen the worst economic downfall in the 90's in the year 1991 the GDP growth was staggering low as 1.1% worst compared to any year. From the advent of 21st century the growth in the GDP as shown nominal increase but from the past 10 years India’s GDP is stable and is a sixth largest GDP in the world which stands around $2.395 trillion.

the percentage GDP is shown from 2004 to 2017 the year 2012 was worst hit among the all with a…

Hindi shayari 2

1. Dosti se kimiti koye jagir nahi hoti, dosti se khubsoorat koye tasveer nahi hoti dosti yun to eak kacchaa dhaga hai par is sain majboot koe zanzeer nahi hoti.

2. Kuch log bahot khaas hote hain, har dill ke paas hote hain, khusiyon main shamil bhale hi na ho gam main hamesha sath dete hain log unhe dost aur hum unhe aap kehete hain.

3. Bahot yaad keya hamne aapko, bahot miss keya humne aapko chaha ki aap humare ghar sare raat gujarte, kam se kam kuch machaar to marte.

4. Har ashique ka matlab gam nahi hota, duriya bhadne se pyaar kum nahi hota, waqat bewaqat aa jate hain aankho main pani kyonki yaandoo ka koe mausam nahi hota.

5. Teri hasi ke aage mere ansu kuch nahi, teri khushi ke aage mere gam kuch nahi, tum jahan bhi raho khush rah, kyonki teri
zindagi ke aage meri maut bhi kuch nahi.

6. Roshne chand sain hoti hain sitare sain nahi pyaar eak sain hoti hain hazaroon sain nahi

7. Salamat rahe sada yeh dosti hamare, yahi dua hai sabse hamare, agar chere pe aaya muskurahat tumahari…