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Hindi shayari 2

1. Dosti se kimiti koye jagir nahi hoti, dosti se khubsoorat koye tasveer nahi hoti dosti yun to eak kacchaa dhaga hai par is sain majboot koe zanzeer nahi hoti.

2. Kuch log bahot khaas hote hain, har dill ke paas hote hain, khusiyon main shamil bhale hi na ho gam main hamesha sath dete hain log unhe dost aur hum unhe aap kehete hain.

3. Bahot yaad keya hamne aapko, bahot miss keya humne aapko chaha ki aap humare ghar sare raat gujarte, kam se kam kuch machaar to marte.

4. Har ashique ka matlab gam nahi hota, duriya bhadne se pyaar kum nahi hota, waqat bewaqat aa jate hain aankho main pani kyonki yaandoo ka koe mausam nahi hota.

5. Teri hasi ke aage mere ansu kuch nahi, teri khushi ke aage mere gam kuch nahi, tum jahan bhi raho khush rah, kyonki teri
zindagi ke aage meri maut bhi kuch nahi.

6. Roshne chand sain hoti hain sitare sain nahi pyaar eak sain hoti hain hazaroon sain nahi

7. Salamat rahe sada yeh dosti hamare, yahi dua hai sabse hamare, agar chere pe aaya muskurahat tumahari, to samajh lena dua kubul ho gaye hamari.

8. Baki kuch na raha abb is zammane main, waqt guzar raha hain yuhin muskurane main, aab to karle meri yari pe yakeen, varna zindagi beet jayegi azmane mein.

9. Tumahari iss dosti ka kya jawab du, tum jese dost ko kya toufa du, koe acha sa phul hota to la deti, par jo khud gulabi hai usea kya gulab du.

10. Har nazar ko ek nazar ki talash hai, har chere me kuch khas hain, aapse pyar yunhi nahi kar baithye, kya kare hamare pasand hi kush khaas hain.


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